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why flowers? why photo? why weddings?—


I’ll come right out and say it: I love beautiful things. But I also believe that while our world increasingly demands idealized and polished images, especially of ourselves. So I think one of the most important and validating things we can do is to see and express ourselves as we really are - as full, and complex, and powerful as that is. At Ephemera, we create both floral design and photography for weddings and events - but really, we tell stories.

We take the raw truth, love, commitments, and community that surround an event and translate it into the languages that express love best, that of imagery and flowers. We create an atmosphere unique to every event by designing with seasonal flowers that come into bloom in full expression of that one event, and we use photography to capture the unfolding of your story, and preserve it forever. I fell in love with photography through photojournalism, which is all about the little details, the unplanned moments, the spontaneous magic that happens when communities are brought together. Because in my mind, that’s one of the most beautiful things there is.


Phoebe’s photos are breathtaking, she caught everyones best angle and stayed away from cliché wedding tackiness. She completely captured the feeling of the day- the light, the energy, the love.
— Genevieve married on 09/03/2016
I can’t say enough about Phoebe! She did our breathtaking florals and photography and she is truly amazing at both creative processes. We had a lot of very discerning guests (in a good way!) at our wedding and they continue to tell me how absolutely gorgeous the flowers were. I could not have been more pleased!
— Roberta married on 09/03/2017
Phoebe was incredible. She was responsive and easy to communicate with, even though we were planning from out of state. As a gay couple we wanted to make sure we found a photographer who was LGBT friendly, which is easier said than done, but Phoebe made us feel comfortable from the start.
— Kerstin married on 06/02/2018
Phoebe’s dedication to support local flower-farming, seasoned professionalism and infectious passion continued to confirm that I had made the right decision. She quickly honed in on the spirit of my event, became my style-collaborator, and graciously tailored the floral design to my ever-changing list of wants. Most of all, she honored the creative freedom I gave her by crafting arrangements more beautiful, or should I say “jaw-dropping”, than I could have ever envisioned.
— Bre Goldsmith married on 09/29/2018
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where we are

we’re based in providence, RI but in the summer season often work in boston, newport, and greater new england. we especially love honolulu, hawaii and destination weddings in the islands! let us know where to find you, no matter where you are.

Oahu, Hawaii | Rhode Island | Berkshires | Greater New England

our farm

we have an urban flower farm in south providence, RI where we grow flowers, especially peonies and dahlias (our favorites). If you’re in the area, get in touch for arrangements or wholesale dahlias!

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