Summer Playtimes

Engagement shoots can be tough. At worst, you're expected to meet for the first time, feel comfortable enough in front of a stranger to do some very public PDA and ignore the fact that a couple of huge cameras are pointed your way...but at best, it feels like you're a brand new pair of homies going on a impromptu little adventure. At best, you hopefully feel beautiful - most importantly, like yourselves. These two initially described themselves as camera shy, but were down to get silly with me and take some risks, which I love. Mostly, they let me in on their super sweet world near Prospect Park in Providence. They showed me an awesome secret park hidden from plain view:

Ephemera Photography - Prospect Park RI Engagement man kissing fiancée's forehead

Kristen stopped about every five minutes to pick up strange leaves and check out miniature flowers hidden from view.

Ephemera Photography - Park Engagement photoshoot of couple sitting together on steps smiling
Ephemera Photography - Park Engagement photoshoot of couple dancing in grass

I'm sure they would've picked out different photos as their favorites - what I like, after all, is always different than what you do - but these were a few extra sweet moments. Excited to shoot their wedding this fall!

Ephemera Engagement Photography - man dips fiancée in middle of street